Coles Cinnamon Swirl made in UK and sold same day.

Coles Cinnamon Swirl Made in UK.

Yesterday, 13th February 2020, I bought a 2 pack Cinnamon Swirl at a Coles store near Brisbane.

It was stated as being made in the UK.  It also stated: “Baked on 13 Feb 2020, and best before 14 Feb 2020”.

That had me puzzled.  It was still only 4:00 am in the UK, on the  13th February 2020, when I bought it at a Coles Store near Brisbane.

How had they made it in the UK, on that same day, and shipped it from the UK to the Brisbane Coles stores in under 4 hours?

This is the label from the packet, clearly marked as “Made in UK”, and baked on 13 Feb 2020.

Coles Cinnamon Swirl 13 Feb 2020

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It was nice, we had them for breakfast on Valentines day, 14th Feb 2020.

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