Coronavis Case Enters Queensland.

A crew member from the cargo ship Hokkaido Bulker, bringing fertiliser to the Port of Brisbane, tested positive for COVID-19 on the weekend.

He was brought ashore for hospitalisation in Queensland.

Queensland now has 2 active cases, both in hospital.

The ship will not be permitted to dock and unload its cargo in the Port of Brisbane until the crew is totally clear, or no longer on the ship. It is remaining off the coast for the moment.

The Hokkaido Bulker has a crew of about 20.

One of the crew members had reported cold and flu symptoms, and after being initially checked, the crew were subsequently tested for COVID-19.

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This particular crew member was negative for COVID-19, but an asymptomatic (No symptoms) crew member returned a positive result.

Of Queenslands 1,072 total cases, 834 were overseas acquired, 18 were interstate arrivals and 220 were locally acquired.
1,061 have recovered, 9 have died and 2 are currently in hospital.

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