Cost of Hot Roast Chicken in Australian Supermarkets

Coles and Woolworths Hot Roast Chicken now $10.

In 2016 (2-3 years ago) Woolworths were selling Hot Roast Chickens for $11 each. They are now ONLY $1 cheaper, at $10 each.

Why this post?  Because others are complaining that Roast Chicken discounting is coming to an end, and a Hot Roast Chicken is becoming too expensive… with headlines like this:

Coles and Woolies’ hot roast chickens just got a lot more expensive.

They just rose from $9 to $10, an increase of 11.1%


The poultry producers need a higher price as chicken feed has tripled recently, going from around $250 a tonne to $750.

The poultry producers need a higher price from retailers, to keep producing, and the retailers need to set a higher retail price according to that increased cost.

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Yes, prices have increased ‘recently’, but the bigger picture still show they are cheaper than a few years ago:

2016: $11
2018: $8, when discounting began
2018: $9
2019: $10

Prices do change, especially when the product is reliant on a cost that can, and has, changed by a large percentage.

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