Euromaid Washing Machine 7kg Front Load WM7

The 7kg Front Load Euromaid Washing Machine Model number WM7 is on my shopping list today, following the untimely demise of my LG. The LG was almost 8 years old, so not a total shock I suppose.

How long does a cheap washing machine last these days ?

  • 10-15 years used to be a guide, but it appears that 5-10 years may now be a closer figure for today’s manufacturing standards, from what I have heard.

Anyway, back to my washing machine considerations…

This Euromaid WM7 is a 7kg machine with the following features:

  • 12 Wash programs
  • 14 Minute quick wash function
  • LCD display
  • Cycle indicator
  • Time remaining functions
  • 24 hour Time delay
  • 84cm High x 60cm Wide x 54cm Deep

This looks good for $527

  • Euromaid WM7
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