Getting Flights to Australia during COVID.

Getting Flights to Australia during COVID is not easy for most.

There are many reports in the news about people trying for months to get a flight into Australia during the coronavirus travel ban period.

With Australia only permitting a low number of passengers entering the country, due to quarantine limitations, the airlines can only bring a few people on each flight, sometimes between 25 and 50.

This has caused many airlines to reduce flights or even cancel flights into to Australia.

Passengers who have previously booked a flight, then find their booking cancelled at the last minute.

Airlines also prefer business class passengers, at much higher fares, to try to cover the cost of the flight.

With the shortage of flights, it has been suggested that using a personal travel agent might be better than trying to book online.

It is reported that there are over 35,000 Australians still trying to get home, with many more visa holders also trying to reach Australia. Some reports suggest over 70,000 people trying to get a flight.

Australia is currently allowing about 3,000 each week, with some states limiting to under 100 passengers per day.  That could mean just 2 flight arrivals per day, with 40 to 50 per flight.

We would appreciate it if YOU could share your own experiences with flights in the comment section below…

It would be useful to state the departure country/airport and the intended arrival airport, aswell as the timings.

Example: First booked 15 October 2020, London to Sydney, at cost of $xx. Cancelled 5 times, rebooked. Arrived in Sydney on sixth booking, on 15 Jan 2021. Total final cost $xx

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