Subclass 100 Documents required.

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What documents are needed for a subclass 100 application?

When you begin the second stage of your offshore partner visa application, the subclass 100, you will need to upload additional evidence proving that you and your partner are still in a genuine and continuing relationship, from the date that your 309 visa was granted.

This will include at least 2 new form 888s. These can be from the same people that did the ones for your 309 application, or different people. Your choice.

Evidences of joint lease agreements, bond payments, mortgages etc., can also be included, but they are not vital, if your entire relationship evidences are otherwise satisfactory.

Incoming mail with both names, if dated in the relevant time frame, can also be an easy evidence.
Even incoming mail in either name can be put together to show you both reside at the same address.

Not all utility providers will give joint accounts, but some do.

Superannuation accounts with both names are a useful proof of relationship.

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So are joint bank statements.

Dated photos of the two of you together at variously events can also be used.

Hotel receipts, with holiday photos, can be handy, if you have these.

Screenshot of Linked Flybuys accounts can be included, as with any other joint cards or memberships.

One very vital document, that many people do miss at first, is the ‘Sponsor Statutory Declaration’. If you forget that, there is the possibility that immigration will wait a year or so before reminding you to finish submitting your application.

The applicant also needs to provide a new Police Clearance.

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  2. My fiance and I applied for our PMV300 in Feb 2020. There’s been file updates for him to have his medical and police clearance done but still no word on the visa being granted. We have used an agent and front loaded the application. My fiance is Nigerian and we’ve been in a relationship for 2 years. Any word on borders opening or grants being issued from now on? The strain of separation is real.

    1. You asked: Any word on borders opening or grants being issued from now on?

      There have been a few more offshore grants than recently, but things can change very quickly.

      Unfortunately, even if a 300 visa is granted, you may still not be permitted to enter. That is only automatically available for a 309 grant.

      Some people are calling for total border closures, including stopping Australians returning home. That reasoning is down to the number of international arrivals bringing COVID into Australia.

      It probably won’t get anywhere, but, as I say, things can change quickly, depending on numbers of virus cases coming in.

      Unfortunately, waiting is what most current applicants are having to do.

      Fingers crossed that the vaccine speeds up the border openings.

  3. Hi admin,
    There seems to be very little information around the grants for subclass 300. The current processing time on DHA website is 19 to 24 months. But with no visas being granted, does the processing time hold any significance??

    1. You have hit the issue of current processing times directly on the head.

      The current processing time relates to the few applications actually finalised in that month, but (in my opinion) has no bearing on the many applications still in the queue waiting for the COVID situation to end.

      In April, May and June of 2020, only 8 subclass 300’s were granted, but 188 were finalised, and the times related more to those refused, than granted. (

      Hence, current processing times for some visa classes are not very relevant.

      1. Its very disappointing that the dept has not given any clear information even after one year to PMV applicants. We have paid the same fees as other partner visa applicants.

        1. Immigration did actually advise that no PMV’s holders (or very few) would be permitted to enter Australia.
          They have also advised that those who had been granted a PMV after a certain date, would be allowed to claim a refund of application fee, and submit again later. (

          They could have specified better that visa grants would be delayed until visa holders are allowed to enter Australia.

          Many of the 309 applicants have also been subject to a similar delay, due to COVID.

          The majority of 309s that were granted, were to married applicants.

          I do understand your point, especially as PMV applicants actually pay a higher fee than the standard partner visa (309 or 820).

          1. Its good to see a subclass 300 grant, though i am finding it hard to understand how the visas are being processed and exemptions are being granted. Our application has completed 16 months and hasn’t been even looked at. My fiance holds a valid tourist visa and request for exemption has been denied four times. We have been in a relationship for 10 years. It seems for some applicants the standard is too high.

            1. What nationality is the applicant, and what country are you applying from? A 10 year relationship is a long one for the PMV application. I assume the 309 was not suitable?

              1. The applicant is Indian and we have applied from Australia, I assume it goes to New Delhi office. 309 was not suitable as we have not lived together for 12 months.

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