How Ebay are Advertising Items at Wrong Prices

Ebay Products at $1.00 each are often not what they are advertising.

Have people been noticing many Ebay items with prices shown as $1 to $10 or similar, and then found that the $1 item is nothing like the picture or the description.

When searching for items on Ebay, and using the price filter, lowest price first, many advertisers are conning us by including an item for $1.00 in the sizing chart that is not shown in the advert description.

A dress is advertised from $1.00, with a nice picture of a dress, but the actual item for $1 could be a bra top, a cheap ring, or any other item they pick to be able to use the magic low price of $1, just to waste our time and energy looking for the right things.

This one is really takes the imagination to a stretch: A dress priced $1.00 to $12.99, but all you get for $1 is a cheap ring. The dresses are all $12.99.


This one has a dress from $1.00 to $11.99, but the dresses being advertised are actually all $11.99. The $1.00 is for a Vest Crop Top.

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And this one, another Dress, but again that same vest crop top is the $1.00 item, while the dresses advertised are all $10.19

And this, again, another dress from $1.00, but all you get for that $1.00 is a camisole. The actual advertised item is only at the higher price of $10.95

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