How Vital is COVID Quarantine?

Some people think that quarantine is not required for some overseas arrivals into Australia.

An example of this is the Spanish Tennis player, Paula Badosa, who posted on Twitter complaining about having to go into hotel quarantine after arriving in Melbourne on a flight from Abu Dhabi, that had a confirmed COVID-19 case.

After seven days in quarantine her own COVID test came back positive.

Her original Twitter post, now removed, was saying that she didn’t think she should isolate, even though there was a positive COVID-19 case on her flight

Most of the other arriving Tennis players have accepted the quarantine rules.

If Paula Badosa had been allowed to avoid quarantine it could have been quite an issue, as her COVID test has come back positive.

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She has now been moved to a medi-hotel, to further reduce the risk of her transmitting the virus to others.

How likely is it for Australians to have a lockdown again?

That depends on whether there’s any community transmission of COVID-19, and in particular the highly contagious UK strain.

The highest risk continues to be from travellers returning from overseas.

Quarantine for ALL International Arrivals is Vital..

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