International Flights into Australia January 2021

International Flights Available to Australia in January 2021

There are thousands of Australian citizens trying to get home to Australia, together with many foreign citizens holding a visa permitting travel to Australia.

With so few flights available, many of these intending travellers are having great difficulty in finding a flight on commercial airlines.

The australianfrequentflyer website has a list of flights still arriving in Australia during January.

That list is handy as it shows the airlines still flying into the country.

Australia’s weekly international passenger arrival caps have now been reduced to:

  • 490 passengers in South Australia
  • 500 passengers in Queensland
  • 512 passengers in Western Australia
  • 1,120 passengers in Victoria
  • 1,505 passengers in NSW

Repatriation Flights going into the Howard Springs quarantine facility near Darwin, are not counted in the above numbers, and their capacity has increased from 250 to 425 people per week.

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