Indian Racism in Australia

Nitin Garg murder

January 8, 2010

On Saturday night, Nitin Garg, 21, was stabbed to death in Melbourne, just the latest young Indian to fall victim to violent crime while studying in Australia. The Indian Government has issued a travel warning to its citizens intending to come to Australia.
The acting Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, insisted publicly the crimes were no different to the violence found anywhere else in the world, prompting outrage in the Indian media.

”Far from admitting to racist horror, Australia has now come up with an outrageous explanation,” the Times Now website in India responded.

Some Indian Newspapers complained that the Australian Police wanted to ‘investigate the crime’, before saying it was racist.

Indian News Impression of Australia Police
Indian News Impression of Australia Police

Others however, ran with more realistic editorial:

Melbourne, Jan 6

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India’s Deputy High Commissioner in Canberra, VK Sharma, today said that New Delhi’s concerns about the latest attack on an Indian student in Australian have been conveyed to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, adding that it would be too early to point that Nitin Garg’s murder was racially motivated.

Police have not ruled out racism as a motive but say there is no evidence to support this.

Ranjodh Singh murder

January 28th 2008

AN Indian couple have been charged with murdering a fellow national by allegedly slashing his throat and setting his body on fire.

But in the Indian News it was reported as:

January 29th 2010

Aus couple held in connection with Indian’s murder

No mention being made that the murderers were ‘actually Indian’, and it wasn’t racist after all.

Hindustan Times on Ranjodh Singh murder
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