International Arrivals to Pay their own Quarantine.

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The Australian National Cabinet, on the 29th May 2020, gave the go-ahead for states and territories to start charging international arrivals for quarantining costs. This follows the release of information showing that the States will have paid over $24 million by the end of June, in hotel costs for international arrivals.

Cost for coronavirus quarantine accommodation in Brisbane.

International Arrivals into Queensland will have to pay their own Quarantine costs from the 1st July 2020.

  • A single traveller will be charged $2,800, which includes $910 for food.
  • A couple would pay $3,710, while a family of four would pay $4,620.

The charge is based on $135 per night per room, plus meal charges, based on the numbers of individuals in the room.

Other States are looking into similar changes.

The Northern Territory began to charge for Quarantine on 3rd April 2020, although the NT are opening their borders, and therefore ending quarantine, on 17th July 2020.

Answers to the following questions are available at:

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  • Why are you only charging now?
  • Why are you charging at all?
  • What if I can’t afford to pay – will I be exempt? / If I’m coming to Queensland to say goodbye my dying mum, do I have to pay?
  • Can I choose my own accommodation so it’s cheaper? Why/why not?/Can I choose to quarantine at home or with family or friends? Why/why not?
  • What happens if I booked my flight before the announcement, do I still have to pay for the accommodation?
  • How were the amounts decided?
  • How can I get essential items when I arrive e.g. nappies?/ Can friends and family drop off items to me in accommodation?
  • The Northern Territory allows people to quarantine in their homes or alternative accommodation, why can’t I?


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