Is Australia Really Planning to Ban Immigrants to Sydney and Melbourne

Australia floats ban on immigrants settling in fast-growing Sydney, Melbourne.

That is one of the recent headlines, with statements such as: “The government is considering banning immigrants from settling in Sydney and Melbourne for five years after they arrive in the country

People are now talking about no one being allowed to migrate to Sydney and Melbourne, but is that the REAL plan.

I have read that the actual policy being discussed would allow:

  • Those sponsored by employers to be able to work anywhere in Australia.
  • All those on partner and family visas would also be free to live anywhere in Australia.

However, others, who can’t get job sponsorships in Sydney and Melbourne, would have to spend time in the other areas first, on a regional visa, and would have to work in that region for the time specified on that visa, if they still want to migrate to Australia.

As Sydney and Melbourne are overcrowded already, it does make some sense in principal. It allows for enough people to move to Sydney and Melbourne, if they have jobs waiting for them. And also allows others to still migrate to Australia, but to other areas, if they still want to come to the this country.

Australia’s Minister for Population, Alan Tudge, said that regional incentives could apply to up to 45 per cent of permanent migrants — approximately 70,000 visas each year.  That is less than half of all Permanent Visa grants in each year.

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Other News Headlines have included

Migrants banned from Australia’s major cities.

  • No more Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne according to the government’s new proposed visa restrictions

Migrants to be banned from Sydney and Melbourne.

  • OVERSEAS workers will be required to settle outside Sydney and Melbourne for five years as part of the Morrison government’s plan to address population growth.

Australia to ban new migrants from big cities to boost rural areas.

  • Australia plans to restrict some new migrants from living in its largest cities – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – for “at least a few years”, a government minister said, in an effort to ease urban congestion and encourage skilled workers into struggling towns.  (This article seems to be closer to the real plan)

A poll had 57% of its readers saying YES to the idea of restricting some new Immigrants from immediately settling in Sydney or Melbourne, with 43% saying NO to the idea.

Consequence of breaching Visa conditions.

Those new Immigrants, who try to defy the conditions of their Visa, could have their visas revoked, or lose their chance at permanent residency or to apply for citizenship.

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