John Howard 2007 Election Defeat

In the 2007 Federal Parliament Election, held on 24th November 2007, John Howard lost his Bennelong seat to the ALP’s Maxine McKew.

The primary vote in 2007 was:

Votes Name Party
39,551 John Howard LIB
39,408 Maxine McKew ALP
4,811 Lindsay Peters GRN
1,119 Robyn Peebles CDP
610 Peter Lloyd Goldfinch DEM
289 Lorraine Markwell FFP
269 Margherita Tracanelli CCC
261 Victor Waterson ONP
239 Graeme Cordiner IND
123 David L Allen IND
97 Yusuf Tahir
89 David Leyonhjelm LDP
70 Gavin Spencer CEC

The 2004 Result for this Bennelong seat was:

Votes Name Party
38,326 John Howard LIB
21,819 Nicole Campbell ALP
12,573 Andrew Wilkie GRN
1,824 Ray Levick CDP
967 Peter Lloyd Goldfinch DEM
854 Gary Hannah IND
451 Troy Rollo IND

Maxine McKew was a very popular broadcast journalist, until just before entering Politics in 2007.
Her popularity, rather than Political experience, gave her the edge to defeat John Howard, but only once the Green vote was directed to the ALP.

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