Labor says NBN will make you $3,800 per year better off.

Australian households would be about $3,800 a year better off in 2020 with super-fast broadband like Labor’s National Broadband Network (NBN), according to new research commissioned by the Labor Government.

BUT.. which NBN plans are they referring to?
Telstra NBN plans start at 12Mbps, about HALF the ADSL2+ maximum speed, but at well over TWICE the price.

Just days away from an election, and a massive carrot is being dangled…

My question is..

How can we be better of by $3,800 per year with a super fast internet?

A selection of the answers are:

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  1. A person over 75 could be up to $7,000 better off each year with the faster access to online health services, and may not need to go into an aged care home.
  2. A university student could save about $5,000 per year by living at home for longer, and access education online.
  3. Everyone will be able to save by the equivalent monetary value of travel time savings when buying online.

I admit that I am having trouble understanding these fully. I like the third one though.. so, If I save two hours shopping time, by buying online, then I will be $100 pw better off? (ie: Two hours at $25 per hour ?) A massive $5,000 per year in theoretical, equivalent, imaginary monetary savings…

Yes, now I understand……… POLITICS !!!


Oh yes, and HOW much is this high speed internet going to cost per month ? They keep forgetting to tell us.

NBN Co provides access to its hardware free of charge.

All ISP’s will charge YOU for the service provided via the NBN.

Looking at one of the larger ISP’s charges, here are some examples of what the service will cost you to gain the benefit of that $3,800 in “theoretical, equivalent, imaginary monetary savings”.

Example 100Mb/s speed NBN Plans, with Monthly Download Limits:

50Gb plan $94.95 per month
250Gb plan $114.95 per month
500Gb plan $134.95 per month
1000GB plan $154.95 per month

All iiNet NBN fibre plans have a base speed of 25Mb/s download and 10Mb/s upload; faster than any ADSL2+ (24Mb/s) connection.
Most ISPs require a customer to sign a 24 month contract.
NBN Activation fees range from $59 to $99 from what I have seen so far.


Have a GOOD look at these NBN plans before you sign up…


Telstra NBN:

  • $80 pm Plan: Download line speeds into the home – up to 12Mbps (speeds slowed to 256kbps once 5GB is reached)
  • $100 pm Plan: Download line speeds into the home – up to 12Mbps (speeds slowed to 256kbps once 500GB is reached)
  • Speed Boost Plan options are available at extra costs to get you up to the 100Mbps speed.

Optus NBN

  1. $85 pm Plan : Download speeds up to 25Mbps (speeds slowed to 256kbps once 300GB is reached)

Is there a CHOICE ?


In the areas where NBN fibre is being installed, it will replace almost all phone lines, ADSL internet, Telstra/Optus cable internet, and some Telstra Velocity fibre services, providing a new fibre optic network for residents to use.

So, when the switch-off of the above lines is announced in your area, you need to switch over to the NBN if you want to keep a landline phone or internet service, or make alternative arrangements for your phone and internet.

I assume that everyone who wanted this, is happy with the extra costs and terms?

My current plan, sufficient for my needs is $25 pm. I will soon need to change up to $80 and get no real benefit.

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