2013 Australian Federal Election Result

2013 Australian Federal Election Result.

The 2013 Australian Federal Election was held on Saturday 7th September 2013

House of Representatives.

Win by Liberal/National Coalition with 53.49% of the Vote and holding 60% of the seats.

The Party Leaders:

Tony Abbott – Liberal/National Coalition Party
Kevin Rudd – Australian Labor Party… Read the rest

Election 2013: Promises or Lies

Sacking Nurses and Teachers.

Kevin Rudd (ALP) says that a Coalition government would sack nurses and teachers, and sell schools and hospitals !!

Tony Abbott (Liberal) says that the Federal government doesn’t employ any nurses and teachers, and doesn’t own any schools and hospitals.


Is Kevin Rudd running the … Read the rest

Election 2013: Schoolkids Bonus

Schoolkids Bonus.

Labor says:

Tony Abbott will cut Schoolkids Bonus – a family with two kids would get $15,000 less over the kids’ schooling period.

Liberal says:

We won’t continue the school kids’ bonus (a cash payment introduced by Labor last year) because it’s a cash splash with borrowed money … Read the rest

Liberal: Parental Leave v Labor: Child Care

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the Coalition’s paid parental leave scheme would cost more than childcare payments to families.

Paid Parental Leave

The Coalition’s paid parental leave scheme will pay a parent 26 weeks’ leave at full replacement salary. The payment is capped at $75,000.

Expected Costs

$9.8 billion. Two … Read the rest

Labor says NBN will make you $3,800 per year better off.

Australian households would be about $3,800 a year better off in 2020 with super-fast broadband like Labor’s National Broadband Network (NBN), according to new research commissioned by the Labor Government.

BUT.. which NBN plans are they referring to?
Telstra NBN plans start at 12Mbps, about HALF the ADSL2+ maximum … Read the rest