Election 2013: Schoolkids Bonus

Schoolkids Bonus.

Labor says:

Tony Abbott will cut Schoolkids Bonus – a family with two kids would get $15,000 less over the kids’ schooling period.

Liberal says:

We won’t continue the school kids’ bonus (a cash payment introduced by Labor last year) because it’s a cash splash with borrowed money that our children will have to repay.

This is ONLY paid to families receiving Family Tax Benefits Part A.

Tony Abbott:

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a cash splash with borrowed money that has nothing to do with education on the basis that it is paid as a straightforward cash transfer, unlike the Education Tax Rebate it replaced, where parents could only claim a tax deduction on the basis of receipted expenses.

Question: Will they bring back the Education Tax Rebate ?




UPDATE 2014 Federal Budget:

Payment of the July 2014 instalment of the Schoolkids Bonus will depend on whether or not legislation to abolish the payment is reintroduced and passed by Parliament by 30 June 2014.



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