NSW Man Fined $4,003 for entering Queensland illegally.

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A New South Wales man has been fined after trying to enter Queensland hiding in the boot of a vehicle at Wallangarra.

Officers intercepted the vehicle on Border Street around 6.45pm on Sunday night and while conducting a search, located the 41-year-old man hiding in the boot.

The man was fined $4,003 for attempting to enter Queensland without a Border Declaration Pass, in breach of the Queensland COVID-19 Border Direction. He is not the first to be fined this.

Two women, aged 28 and 29, were also in the vehicle at the time. All three people were refused entry to Queensland.

Wallangarra is about 250 kilometres south west of Brisbane, and is just about joined to Jennings in New South Wales.

Google ara-61
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A quick trip to the nearest Post Office might involve a Border crossing for some.
Wallangarra, QLD - Jennings NSW

NSW man found crossing border in boot

Google ara-61
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