Tasmania’s COVID-19 Free for 65 days has come to an end!

Tasmania has had 65 days without a COVID-19 case. But that has now come to end.

Tasmania’s coronavirus-free run of 65 days has come to an end, with a new case being confirmed in the state, an arrival from Victoria. Tasmania Coronavirus update

On the 26th June, the Tasmanian Premier, Peter Gutwein, announced that the state’s border will reopen to interstate travellers on Friday, 24th July.

At that time, Mr Gutwein said that the state hadn’t reported a new case of coronavirus for 41 days, but that State Border closures were still “an important safeguard to help suppress the virus in the state“.

He was right.

But yesterday, a young woman who arrived in Tasmania from Victoria, and who is was in hotel quarantine, tested positive to COVID-19. The first in 65 days. She is being treated at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

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In three days time Tasmania will re-open the state’s border to interstate travellers!!

Unless this changes?

Current rules on Tasmanian border restrictions

Tasmanian Department of Premier and Cabinet – COVID-19 in Tasmania

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