Overseas Students get Priority over Interstate Students?

Are Overseas Students being given Priority over Interstate Students?.

With the news that 300 Overseas Students are being permitted to enter South Australia in September, but domestic students from other Australian states are still refused entry, it raises a few questions.

Federal Trade, Tourism and Investment Minister Simon Birmingham said:

My understanding and advice is that South Australia has never hit its cap in terms of the number of people they think they can handle in quarantine… so in that sense South Australia is a good market to do this in.

South Australia’s deputy chief public health officer Dr Michael Cusack said:

We’ve been having international arrivals now for some months and we have coped well with them and we’ve obviously ensured that we’ve had adequate hotel capacity and the arrangements in the hotels have been very tight indeed, so we are confident in respect to how we can manage the students returning,”

The Shadow Health Minister Chris Picton said:

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There are many families in South Australia who haven’t seen loved ones, who haven’t seen people who have cancer or having new babies interstate and they’re taking that on the chin and making those tough sacrifices to keep our state in the good situation we’re in now,”
“We now have a situation where international students can come into South Australia but obviously if you’re from another state… you wouldn’t even be allowed to come into hotel quarantine to resume your university study here in South Australia.
“Why has this been given the priority?”

Overseas Students pay more for their university fees than Domestic students. Is it as simple as that ?

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