Price of Eggs in Australia

Cost of 12 Eggs in Australia.

The prices vary depending on Cage or Free Range, and between the choice of shop.
It also varies on the size of eggs, 600gm, 700gm and 800gm being the most common.

The following prices are for the 700gm eggs:

The cheapest: Cage Eggs at ALDI for $2.79 for 12 x 700 gm eggs.

The most expensive: Free Range at Woolworths for $6.99 for 12 x 700 gm eggs.

There may be some with even higher prices.

Price of Eggs at 24th August 2016

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ALDI $2.79 (Eggs 12 pack 700g)
Coles: $2.99 (Eggs 12 pack 700g)
Spar: $3.10 (12 eggs 700gm)
IGA: $3.99 (12 eggs 700gm)
ALDI $4.39 (12 eggs 700g Free Range)
Woolworths: $4.59 (12 eggs 700gm)
Coles: $6.80 (12 eggs 700gm Free Range)
Woolworths: $6.99 (12 eggs 700gm Free Range)


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