Restrictions on Overseas Arrivals into Australia.

Restrictions on international arrivals into Australia are set to remain in place for “some months”.

7th August 2020:

In a statement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, at the national cabinet, he said: “We also agreed that international travel constraints on inbound arrivals to Australia should be continued in their current form.

We look forward to at some point that that might be able to be altered, but at this point we are not going to put any further strain on the quarantine arrangements around the country and that will remain in place now for some months.”

Current International Arrival Restrictions.

Until 24 October the following will apply subject to further advice on quarantine capacity:

Sydney – limit of 350 passenger arrivals per day;

Perth – limit of 525 passenger arrivals per week;

Brisbane – limit of 500 passenger arrivals per week;

Adelaide – limit of 500 passenger arrivals per week;

Canberra, Darwin – passenger limits on each flight to be discussed with jurisdictions on a case-by-case basis;

Hobart – no international flights.

The suspension of international flights into Melbourne will also continue.

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