SBS say that 90% of Citizenship Applications take 24 months.

Do 90% of Australian Citizenship Applications take 24 months?.

A report by SBS is making the following statement,

CEO of the Migration Council Australia Carla Wilshire told SBS News the backlog had reached “a historic high” over recent years.
Ms Wilshire also voiced concern around processing times for citizenship applications.
While there have been improvements in recent years, Department of Home Affairs material states 90 per cent of applications for citizenship by conferral still take 24 months to be processed.
“Often people’s lives are on hold in different ways … The prolonged waiting has an effect on people,” Ms Wilshire said.

This report may not be quite accurate, when you look at the actual Department of Home Affairs material, which states that 75% take UNDER 20 months.  This alone leaves only 25% that take OVER 20 months.

It appears that the person responsible has misread the figures, which should be read as: 10% take 24 months to be processed, NOT 90%.

Department of Home Affairs Citizenship Approval Times.

For the month ending 31 July 2019, from date of application to final ceremony.

    • 75% took under 20 months.  (that could be anywhere between 3 months and 20 months.)
    • 15% took between 20 and 24 months.
    • 10% took 24 months or more. (not all applications are straightforward)

So, it’s not 90% that took 24 months, it is 90% took UNDER 24 months, and that figure includes the faster ones, which may have taken a few months

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17th September 2019: SBS story on the subject at:

SBS 90pc of Citizenship Applications take 24 months


Times might be longer than before, but …. are they really that long?

Why can some Citizenship Applications take longer?.

Factors that can affect the processing time of your application include:

    • whether you have given us a complete application, including all the supporting documents.
    • how promptly you respond when we ask for more information or documents.
    • the time it takes to check the information you have given us.
    • the time it takes for information from other agencies, usually for character and national security requirements.
    • for applications for evidence and citizenship by descent, the time it takes for the postage of your citizenship document.

July 2019 Citizenship Applications and Grants.

    • In the month of July 2019 there were 12,930 applications for Australian citizenship by conferral.
    • At the end of July 2019 there were 198,477 applications for Australian citizenship by conferral, still in the queue.
    • At the end of May 2019 there were 221,695 applications for Australian citizenship by conferral, still in the queue.

Citizenship Applications and Grants July 2019

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