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The prices of fully installed Solar Power systems has really been changing over the last few weeks.

After Rebates, these are a couple of options that I have seen in March 2010, in my area in South East Queensland.

  • 1.5 kW systems with 8 panels $4,990 at
  • 1.53kW system with 9 panels $ 1,990 at
  • 3.0 kW system with 7 panels $ 984.50 at

That is the advertising, but I haven’t seen all the small print yet.

The only one that I have fully checked is the 1.53kW system with 9 panels at 170w each. This adds up to (9 x 170) 1.53kW of power that can be produced per hour.

The cheapest option above states that extra panels (165w-170w) are available. So my calculation shows that with 7 panels they will produce about (7 x 170) 1.19kW of power per hour. I assume that the 3.0 kW that they advertise is the maximum that the inverter unit can handle, if they have 18 panels attached.

A bit more checking and I got these prices

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  • 3.0 kW system with 18 panels $ 8,679 at
  • 3.0 kW system with 18 panels $ 8,490 at

I think I am ready to place my order now.

A chart showing possible power produced by different sized systems in different parts of Australia, from the Clean Energy Council:
Solar Panels Daily Production

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  2. I did this page in 2010, over 10 years ago.

    I moved since then, and had another Solar System on a new house 3 years ago, but still in SE Queensland, near Brisbane.

    The figures quoted, by the Clean Energy Council, of average daily production in my area were: 12.6kWh for a 3.0kW system.

    I have a 3.24kW system, so that would be 13.6kWh of electricity produced per day on average, based on the quoted figures.

    My average for the 12 months July 2020 to June 2021 was 14.5kWh. That is a bit better than average.

    Daily average solar production varied between 11.9kWh (June 2021) and 17.3kWh (November 2020)

    September to November are the best producing months every year.
    June and July are the lower producing months.

    The solar savings from this system will have paid off the capital cost of the system by August 2021, almost exactly three years after buying it.

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