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The prices of fully installed Solar Power systems has really been changing over the last few weeks.

After Rebates, these are a couple of options that I have seen in March 2010, in my area in South East Queensland.

1.5 kW systems with 8 panels $4,990 at

1.53kW system with 9 panels $ 1,990 at

3.0 kW system with 7 panels $ 984.50 at

That is the advertising, but I haven’t seen all the small print yet.

These Adverts help to pay for this site - ai10.

The only one that I have fully checked is the 1.53kW system with 9 panels at 170w each. This adds up to (9 x 170) 1.53kW of power that can be produced per hour.

The cheapest option above states that extra panels (165w-170w) are available. So my calculation shows that with 7 panels they will produce about (7 x 170) 1.19kW of power per hour. I assume that the 3.0 kW that they advertise is the maximum that the inverter unit can handle, if they have 18 panels attached.

A bit more checking and I got these prices

3.0 kW system with 18 panels $ 8,679 at

3.0 kW system with 18 panels $ 8,490 at

I think I am ready to place my order now.

A chart showing possible power produced by different sized systems in different parts of Australia, from the Clean Energy Council:
Solar Panels Daily Production

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