Australian Property: Private Sales and Auction Sept 2019

Private Property Sales and Auctions Sept 2019.

Some areas of Australia have more property auctions than others,  as a percentage of total sales.

The figures below, for property sales during Monday 2nd Sep – Sunday 8th Sep 2019, show the differences for each State or Territory.

Victoria seems to be … Read the rest

Auction Clearance Rates in Australia – 31 October 2015

Australian auction results for week ending Sunday 01 November 2015.

Victoria auction results.

582 scheduled auctions 65% Clearance rate*
62 Sold prior to auction
129 Passed in
196 Sold at auction
15 Withdrawn
6 Sold after auction

264 Total Sold either Before, During or After Auction: (62+196+6) equals 45.3% of … Read the rest

Auction Clearance Rates Australian Home Sales

Australian Auction Home Clearance Rates.

Rates published on Saturday 24th October 2015 by for Auctions during the Week ending Sunday 25 October 2015 show this example for Victoria.


1575 Total Scheduled Auctions
67% Clearance Rate

Actual Sales, or possible sales, numbers are quoted as:

135 Sold prior to … Read the rest

Property Auction Results Sydney October 2010

The following figures show the results from one Saturday’s property auctions in October 2010 in various Sydney Suburbs.

It shows the individual prices for certain property types, 3, 4 and 5 bed houses, but only for AUCTION sales. Many properties where prices are more stable are sold by normal real … Read the rest