Surcharges when Foreigner is Buying Property in NSW

Foreign Purchasers of Australian property.

When foreigners purchase property in NSW, they are subject to surcharges in addition to the normal duty payable on property purchases.

These surcharges do not apply to Australian citizens.

They do apply to foreign persons, including foreign individuals, corporations, trusts and governments.

What is a

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Australian House Prices 2012 to 2018

Australian House Prices 2012 to 2018.

The following property prices are split between Established and Attached properties, with prices for each Capital City and the remainder of the State, or Territory.

    • Established refers to Established detached houses on their own block of land.
    • Attached refers to flats, units and apartments,
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Median House Prices in Sydney from 1994

Using the Australian Bureau of Statistics report: “6416.0 House Price Indexes: Eight Capital Cities” as a base for Australian Median Property Price information, I have created the following chart using their “September Quarter Key Points” from each of the September reports issued from 1995 to 2010.… Read the rest

Property Auction Results Sydney October 2010

The following figures show the results from one Saturday’s property auctions in October 2010 in various Sydney Suburbs.

It shows the individual prices for certain property types, 3, 4 and 5 bed houses, but only for AUCTION sales. Many properties where prices are more stable are sold by normal real … Read the rest