Religion and Immigration into Australia

New Migrants to Australia show a different picture of Religion to the existing population.

The following changes have been recorded from the 2011 Australia Census


  • 18% of New Migrants are Catholic
  • 26% of the existing population are Catholic


  • 7% of New Migrants are Anglican
  • 13% of existing population
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Religion in Australia 2011

Australia is a predominately Christian country with the majority of Christians being from the Protestant faiths. The 2011 Australian Census shows these highlights

  • 35.80% of the Australian population is Protestant Christian but NOT Catholic
  • 25.30% of the Australian population is Catholic
  • 2.50% of the Australian population is Buddhism
  • 2.20% of
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Religion in Australian Schools

An interesting discussion on Television on the morning of 21st December 2009, following these comments from Tony Abbott, the Federal Opposition Leader:

“I think everyone should have some familiarity with the great texts that are at the core of our civilisation,” said the Federal Opposition leader.
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