Temporary Visa Holders Excluded from Covid-19 Benefits

Coronavirus JobKeeper program.

The Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, has stayed that more than a million casual workers, who have been with their employers for less than 12 months, and more than 2 million workers on temporary visas, are not included in the JobKeeper program, and that every million workers added to the scheme would cost an extra $18 billion.

If these people were included in the program, that would work out at another $54 billion.

He has previously said that Australians must come first. He also has to calculate what can be spent.

The budget is not unlimited.

He has already allocated $130 billion to this.  This is an unprecedented figure equal to about $8,000 from each working age adult in Australia.

To include the other 3 million would require another $54 billion, equal to another $3,200 per working age adult in Australia.

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