Toilet tissue IGA $3.47 per roll

Some IGA stores are selling individual Toilet Rolls for $3.47 per single roll.

But they say that they are selling at their Cost Price, no profit margin added.

It appears that these “Bath Tissue” rolls are a commercial product. Two ply, but with 835 sheets per roll according to the suppliers website, who sell them for $122.50 per 36 roll box. This is $3.40 + GST = $3.74 per roll. IGA must have obtained a discount, to sell at $3.47. Or should it have been $3.74..

A standard Kleenex roll is 180 sheets, these at IGA are 835 sheets. More than 4 times as many sheets per roll.

I wonder if that difference compensates for the higher price?

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ECO Toilet Rolls 

36 Rolls of the IGA ones would be $124.92

One box from the Commercial Supplier would be $122.50 + vat = $134.75

ESG Toilet Paper

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