Politicians Breaching Coronavirus Public Health Order.

Politicians also Breach the Rules covering the Coronavirus Public Health Orders.

Senator Deborah O’Neill

It was reported that Senator Deborah O’Neill rented out her Copacabana holiday home from April 6 to 8 despite social distancing rules being in place from March 30.
NSW Police Minister David Elliott said “It’s extremely disappointing that this Labor politician (Senator O’Neill) has refused to heed the ongoing warnings.”
NSW opposition treasurer Walt Secord (ALP) has said Senator Deborah O’Neill’s (ALP) Airbnb controversy should not be compared to the NSW Minister Don Harwin’s (Lib) breach of coronavirus public health order.

NSW Arts Minister Don Harwin

It was reported that NSW Arts Minister Don Harwin had been living at his Pearl Beach holiday home for three weeks during the height of the state’s coronavirus outbreak, but he went clothes shopping during one of two trips to Sydney.
Don Harwin resigned over his breach of coronavirus public health order, after being fined $1,000 for staying at his Central Coast holiday home in breach of a Covid-19 public health order.

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