Cost of Pork in Australia

With a Boneless Leg of Pork costing $8.50 per kg, how does it end up costing $13.00 per kg, in Australia?

We just trimmed up a Boneless Leg of Pork, removed the fat, and cut the meat into chunks for freezing and then cooking in various recipes.

It gave me the chance to see how much of a joint is wasted. It was a 2.136kg joint, and we ended up with 1.41 kgs of usable meat.  Some people use the fat as well, but some others do not.

The 2.136kg Pork Leg was $18.16 (at $8.50 per kg), but the 1.41kgs, after removing the fat, works out at $12.88 per kg.  Near enough $13.00 per kg.

I did wonder if the Fat, that we removed, is in fact what they call Pork Rind, the culinary term for the skin of a pig. We ended up with 725 grams of that.

At 16th April 2020, in a major Australian supermarket, the current prices of Pork are:

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Pork Rind is costing $7.00 per kg.
A boneless Pork shoulder is costing $7.50 per kg.
A boneless Pork Leg is costing $8.50 per kg.
Pork Mince in 500g packs are costing: $11.00 per kg.
Pork Chops can be between $15 and $25 per kg.
Pork Belly is $19.00 per kg.
Pork Loin Steaks in 500g packs are costing: $20.00 per kg.
Pork Scotch Steak in 300g packs are costing: $21.67 per kg.

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