Visitor Visa Processing Times, before and during COVID-19.

Visitor Visa Processing Times, Oct-Dec 2019 (before COVID-19) and Oct-Dec 2020 (during COVID-19).

Some Visitor Visas have still been granted during the COVID-19 restrictions, however, the processing times have become longer for most countries.

On average the processing times are about 13 times as long as before.

Some examples:

Median Processing Times for Tourist Visitor Applications during the October to December quarters, before and during COVID-19 restrictions.

Vietnam Visitor Visa Processing Times:

19 days Oct-Dec 2019 grants.
125 days Oct-Dec 2020 grants.  6.6 times as long.

India Visitor Visa Processing Times:

12 days Oct-Dec 2019 grants.
109 days Oct-Dec 2020 grants.  9.1 times as long.

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Philippines Visitor Visa Processing Times:

22 days Oct-Dec 2019 grants.
105 days Oct-Dec 2020 grants.  4.8 times as long.

UK Visitor Visa Processing Times:

6 days Oct-Dec 2019 grants.
81 days Oct-Dec 2020 grants.  13.5 times as long.

USA Visitor Visa Processing Times:

4 days Oct-Dec 2019 grants.
37 days Oct-Dec 2020 grants.  9.2 times as long.

Average Visitor Visa Processing Times for ALL Countries:

7 days Oct-Dec 2019 grants.
92 days Oct-Dec 2020 grants.   13.1 times as long.


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The information we give is based on personal experiences, reading and formulation of available statistics.
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