Why is Social Distancing no longer enforced?

An interesting story on thousands of people in Australia being exempted from Social distancing at: skynews, under the title: “Australians ‘entitled to ask’ why different rules apply to activists

South Australia’s Police Commissioner has approved an exemption from the state’s coronavirus restrictions for protesters…

Anyone not demonstrating would get fined.

Tens of thousands of people gathered around the country on the weekend as part of the Black Lives Matter movement, going against advice from Australia’s Chief Medical Officer.

The organisers of the Melbourne protest have told people who attended to: “Please ensure you self-isolate for at least 14 days after the rally.

I wonder how many of the thousands of protesters are actually self isolating for 14 days.

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The ABC has an article on this topic headed: Will a coronavirus outbreak come out of the Australian Black Lives Matter protests?


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