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According to, more than 23,000 Australians are stuck overseas due to coronavirus border restrictions, and want to come home.

One of these, a dual citizen, Dutch-Australian man Pieter den Heten, stranded in Amsterdam for six months,  has created a map and website to show the extent of where fellow residents are stuck around the world.

His website currently shows over 1,600 Australians that are trying to return home,  but can’t due to “No flights available“.

These are not issues with visas or travel ban exemptions. These are Australian passport holders.

There are literally not enough seats on flights,  for these Australians to be able to get home.

These 23,000 Australians are competing with temporary visa holders to get the available flights into Australia.

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Some examples of the numbers of overseas arrivals permitted to enter Australia:

Perth – limit of 525 passenger arrivals per week;

Brisbane – limit of 500 passenger arrivals per week;

Adelaide – limit of 500 passenger arrivals per week;

Restrictions on Overseas Arrivals into Australia.

Restrictions on Overseas Arrivals into Australia.


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