Brisbane Lord Mayor standing for State Parliament

What are peoples thoughts about a Brisbane Lord Mayor standing for State Parliament ?

ALP State premier Anna Bligh has her opinion on this, as shown in this newspaper report…/premier-attacks-lord-mayors-bid-for-state-seat:

ANNA Bligh has attacked Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman’s bid for state politics as a betrayal of the city, making a farce of the Queensland parliament.

How many people recall back in 1972, when the Brisbane Lord Mayor was standing for State Parliament, but on the ALP team ?

Clem Jones, the Brisbane Lord Mayor stood at the Queensland State election, for the state seat of Yeronga, in 1972.

It makes a mockery of politics, when a State leader says it makes a farce of the Queensland parliament, when a Liberal does the same as a Labor did.

There was one difference of course, Clem Jones for the ALP, did not even resign as Lord Mayor, but the current Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman, is resigning first.

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My opinion is that any person has the right to change jobs whenever they wish.

However, Anna Bligh does make a good point with this comment:

We have a job to do this year, it is to rebuild our state,” Anna Bligh said.
“It is impossible to imagine how we are going to do that with our capital city being abandoned by the Mayor and being leaderless.”

Anna Bligh obviously realises how good Campbell Newman is at organising things, and getting things done. She however, does not realise that Brisbane will not remain leaderless. There is a replacement for Brisbane Lord Mayor, so it would seem she hasn’t thought too far ahead… Makes me wonder about her own ability…

Anna Bligh reckons that Campbell Newman is very good at the job, and is on fact so good, that he is irreplaceable. I think that says we should vote for him, for Queensland.

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