Does an Overstay Cancel a Multiple Entry Visitor Visa?

Can an Overstay cancel an Australian Multiple Entry Visitor Visa?.

An Australian Multiple Entry Visitor Visa normally allows a few entries into Australia on that one single visa, as long as the last entry is before the “Must Enter Before Date”.

However, each entry might have a maximum time permitted. This is often 3 months.

So a visa holder might enter on say 1st January and leave on 28th February, coming back to Australia again on 1st June to leave on 30th July.  2 trips of 2 months each, maybe even 3 or 4 trips.

Normally no issues with trips like that, on that type of “Multiple Entry” visa.

But, one thing that can happen, is an accidental overstay.

Assume they arrive on 1st January, and plan the full 3 months allowed, to leave on 31st March.

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But something goes wrong, they missed the flight, and can’t leave until the 2nd April.
They have therefore overstayed their visa (exceeded the 3 months maximum limit). They then get a bridging visa (BVB-E) immediately, to allow them to leave without issue, on the next available flight.

But… That original Visitor Visa is now cancelled, replaced by the BVB.

They cannot come back on that visa in June after all. They must apply for a new visitor visa, if they wish to come back.

Will the overstay cause a problem for future Visa Applications?.

Possibly not, as the overstay was under 28 days, with reasonable grounds.

A re-entry ban, also known as an exclusion period, will apply if you overstay your visa by more than 28 days, or are found to be in breach of any other visa conditions.
This re-entry ban, normally excludes the applicant from returning to Australia for three years.

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