Energy Providers and Product Reviews

How Good are Product Reviews for Energy Providers?.

I was looking at changing my Electricity Provider the other day, after a visit from one of the Queensland energy sales representatives.

After the discussions I decided to look up the reviews for this new company, and you must read to the very end to see the real results.

The results that I read on the Product Review website, were very scary at first.

This new company (well, new to me) had only 138 excellent reviews (21%) out of 656 in total, with 451 being terrible (69%).

I thought that maybe I had made a mistake, but at least I had a 10 day cooling off period.

I then decided to see just how much better my last two providers were.  They are major Energy providers in Australia.

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And WOW, was I surprised..

  1. only 44 excellent reviews (4%) out of 1,218 in total, with 1,042 being terrible (86%).
  2. only 41 excellent reviews (4%) out of 1,060 in total, with 910 being terrible (86%).

This new one wasn’t quite as bad as I first thought, and it seems they may all get a bad rating.  However, I personally have had no bad issues with either of the other two before.

It seems it may as well come down to pure price after all.

I will see if the promise of $60 per quarter savings comes true.  If it does, then that saving will cover my cars annual service cost.

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