Is the ETA 601 a Visa

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Is the ETA Subclass 601 a Visa or a Travel Authority.

I have seen the above being asked a few times, and there is some confusion, with some people saying the ETA is NOT a visa, but only an Electronic Travel Authority.

However, in my opinion the ETA is a VISA.

My reasoning is simple.  The Australian Immigration Website calls it a Visitor Visa, so why shouldn’t everyone else.

Someone did say that the Subclass 600 is the true visitor visa, but, as can be seen on the screenshot of the Immigration page above, the Visitor (subclass 600) is listed along with the ETA Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) as both being Visitor Visas.  Neither having the word “visa” specifically in the name in that page.  Just expected that both are visas, due to the heading.

The official link to the 601 ETA Visa:…/601

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