Food Prices in Australia 2009

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Food Prices in Australia.

Some examples of our daily shopping prices in our local area of South East Queensland.
At August 2009.

  • Avocados: $1.96 each in Woolworths
  • Avocados: 9 cents each in the Victoria Point Fruit Market. (yes, NINE cents each)
  • Bread: 650 gram sliced white Buttercup brand: $1.49
  • Granny Smith Apples: $0.99 per kg
  • Leg of Lamb: $8.99 per kg in Woolworths
  • Butter unsalted: $1.39 for 250gm Homebrand
  • Lurpack Butter unsalted: $7.00 for 500gm (2 x 250gm)
  • Milk: $1.79 for 2 litres whole milk

These prices may not represent all areas of Queensland or Australia.

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