Passport and Visa Costs in Budget 2016-2017 Australia

Passport Cost Changes in the Australia 2016-17 Budget.

From 1 January 2017, their will be a $20 increase in the cost of a new passport will increase by $20 for adults and $10 for children and seniors.

Priority processing fees will increase by $54.

The government expects these measures to raise $172.9 million over four years, from 2016-17.

Visa Changes in the Australia 2016-17 Budget.

The government is introducing trial visa arrangements in a bid to enhance tourism.

A user-pays visa fast-track service for nationals from India and the United Arab Emirates.

A three-year multiple entry visa for low immigration risk nationals from India, Thailand, Vietnam and Chile. This follows the 2015-16 trial of a user-pays visa fast-track service for Chinese nationals.

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Figures and Statements from the DIBP Budget Statements, Section 3: Budgeted financial statements

Visa Application Charge – Revenue from VAC is expected to increase to $2,027.7 million in 2016-17, an increase of $79.4 million (or 4.07%) over the 2015-16 estimate. The increase is primarily due to the expected growth in visa applications.

In 2016-17, total departmental expenses are expected to decrease from $2,856.7 million to $2,743.7 million, a decrease of $113.0 million.

So.. 2016-17 budget figures

Revenue of $2,027.7 million
Expenses of $2,743.7 million

But: DIBP is budgeting for a break-even departmental operating result in 2016-17, adjusted for depreciation and amortisation expense.

Budgeted annual total comprehensive losses for DIBP for next 5 years (page 63 of the report)

2015-16 ($229,384,000)
2016-17 ($232,453,000)
2017-18 ($230,344,000)
2018-19 ($231,920,000)
2019-20 ($225,370,000)

That is about an 11% deficit each year. Add another $1,200 on to each Permanent Migration Visa and they would wipe out that deficit…


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