Price of Fruit and Vegetables

The price of Fruit and Vegetables in Australia.

Government figures out today (source ABS), 29th July 2009 show the following prices for various Fruit and Vegetables per kilo, in the Brisbane area.

  • $3.10 Oranges
  • $2.60 Bananas
  • $2.02 Potatoes
  • $3.59 Tomatoes
  • $1.94 Carrots
  • $2.40 Onions

Those prices, to me, seem VERY high, but then I buy from local fruit and veg stores, and have recently paid the following prices, per kg:

  • $0.49 Brown Onions (On Special – I think for last 2 weeks)
  • $0.49 Granny Smith Apples (On Special – I think for last 2 weeks)
  • $1.99 Tomatoes (normal everyday price)
  • $1.00 Potatoes (normal everyday price at $5 for 5 kg bag))

Do you shop for convenience or do you check out the options ?

What do you pay for your fruit and veg ? ?

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