QLD Border Restriction Changes 30 Oct

Queensland Border Restrictions 30 Oct 2020.

Border restrictions Direction (No. 16)

What will change at 3pm 30 October 2020:.

The Direction has been updated to:

  • Increase the validity of the Border Declaration Pass from 7 to 14 days
  • Allow unaccompanied minors to enter Queensland if there is a responsible adult who consents to quarantine in government arranged accommodation with the child
  • Allow disaster management workers to enter Queensland to prepare for, respond to or assist in recovery from disasters
  • Give effect to the new Disaster Management Protocol
  • Include new requirements for how people can travel to quarantine or leave quarantine for permitted purposes such as that a person travelling in a taxi must travel in the back seat on the passenger side
  • Require people in quarantine to wear a mask whenever directed to by an emergency officer
  • Not allow people who are waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test to enter Queensland until they receive a negative result, unless they are entering for an essential activity
  • To clarify that as soon as a place is removed from the list of COVID-19 hotspot, you can enter Queensland even if you had been to that place in the 14 days before
  • Include 3 new postcodes in the border zone. These are Queensland postcodes that extend into New South Wales:
    • 4375
    • 4377
    • 4380



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