Reasons for Being Refused Australian Citizenship

Why are some people Refused Australian Citizenship?.

The Department of Home Affairs has stated that 4,151 applications for citizenship by conferral were refused in 2016-17.

SBS Punjabi has reported that 1,866 of those couldn’t pass the citizenship test, and that the remaining applications (presumably 2,285) were refused because of failure to prove identity, failing police checks and involvement in extremist organisations.

Things like failing to disclose convictions in a citizenship application will go towards showing the character of an applicant.


One SBS article on the subject stated that “Applicants are becoming less driven by the commitment to the country than they are seeking the safety of Australian Citizenship because of what the government might do to them as non-citizens,” indicating that applicants are worried about the possibility of being refused for something they may do, and therefore need to get Citizenship as soon as possible.


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