The Second $750 Coronavirus Stimulus Payment

The second $750 Economic Support Payment is another one-off, tax-free payment.

It is being issued from 13 July, to eligible people.

If you are getting the fortnightly Coronavirus Supplement of $550 you will NOT be eligible for this $750 Economic Support Payment.

You should see the $750 arrive in … Read the rest

$750 Economic Support Payment Due 31st March 2020

Is the $750 Economic Support Payment due from 31st March OR 1st April 2020.

News articles on the 30th March 2020 were stating that around 6.5 million Australians will receive the $750 Economic Support Payment from tomorrow (31st March 2020) as part of the Federal Government’s plan to soften the … Read the rest

Australian Coronavirus Stimulus

Who is eligible for the Coronavirus Supplement?.

The $550 per fortnight Coronavirus Supplement will be paid from the 27th April 2020 if you are:

  • A permanent employee who has been stood down or sacked.
  • A sole trader, self-employed, casual worker or contract worker who now earns less than $1,075 a
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Temporary Visa Holders and the Economic Stimulus

Should Temporary Visa Holders get the Economic Stimulus?.

Advocacy groups are urging the federal government to come up with an economic package to help temporary visa holders in Australia.

More than two million people in Australia on temporary visas are facing the prospect of unemployment with no income support. the rest

$750 Coronavirus Stimulus Payment

$750 Stimulus Payment to Pensioners and Social Security Recipients.

From the 31st March 2020, the Australian Government will make a $750 one-off payment to people receiving certain Australian Benefit payments.
The stimulus beneficiaries include those who receive the Age Pension, Newstart, Youth Allowance, Austudy, Disability Support Pension, Carers Payment and … Read the rest

How did Kevin Rudd prevent Australia from going into recession in 2009?

How did Kevin Rudd prevent Australia from going into recession in 2009?.

Oct 24, 2016

Kevin Rudd helped to prevent Australia from going into recession during the Global Financial Crisis [GFC] in 2008/09 by increasing public spending, with the help of the surplus that the previous government had built up.… Read the rest