Temporary Visa Holders and the Economic Stimulus

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Should Temporary Visa Holders get the Economic Stimulus?.

Advocacy groups are urging the federal government to come up with an economic package to help temporary visa holders in Australia.

More than two million people in Australia on temporary visas are facing the prospect of unemployment with no income support.


Many Permanent Residents and even some new Australian Citizens are not entitled to government benefits, or any economic stimulus payment.

A Permanent Residents or new Australian Citizen, needs to have been resident in Australia, on a Permanent Resident visa for four years,  before they are eligible for Centrelink benefits,  and the Economic Stimulus payment.

Should temporary visa holders be treated better than Permanent Residents and Australian Citizens?

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The chief executive of the Migration Council, Carla Wilshire, when talking about temporary visa holders,  says the lack of income support is a problem. “In general, many of those people won’t have access to Centrelink benefits”.

Other people say that many Permanent Residents and Australian Citizens are also not entitled to Centrelink benefits. Why should Temporary visa holders get it, when they can’t?

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