Visitor Visa Application Cost Applied for IN Australia

How much does a Visitor Visa cost when applied for Inside Australia.

The cost of a normal tourist stream subclass 600 Visitor Visa is normally $140, for people who apply from OUTSIDE Australia.

The cost for the same visa, when applied for INSIDE Australia, is quoted as “From AUD355″ on the Immigration Website. The word FROM is important, and whether this is your first application INSIDE Australia, or not, makes a difference.

You may get charged the “Subsequent Temporary Application Charge”

The normal cost calculation is:

  • First Subclass 600 visa, or extension, applied for in Australia = $355
  • Subsequent Subclass 600 visa extension applied for in Australia = $1,055 – this includes the $700 subsequent temporary application charge.

Current costs can be seen at:…/visitor-600

Other Visitor Visa Fees as at January 2019 are:.

  • subclass 601 Visa (ETA). Free but with a cost of $20 as the Online Service Charge
  • subclass 651 Visa (eVisitor). This visa is actually Free. You must be outside Australia when you apply.
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