Visitor Visa Processing Times Sept 2019

Subclass 600 Visitor Visa Processing Times.

Processing Times in September 2019 were:

  • Tourist Stream: 75% finalised in 19 days or less, 10% took over 26 days.
  • Sponsored Family Stream: 75% finalised in 21 days or less, 10% took over 36 days.
  • Frequent Traveller stream: 75% finalised in 6 days or less, 10% took over 7 days.
  • Approved Destination Status stream: 75% finalised in 2 days or less, 10% took over 4 days.
  • Business Visitor stream: 75% finalised in 10 days or less, 10% took over 18 days.

The Tourist Stream is the most common stream used for this visa.

Processing times for the Tourist stream range from 48 hours to more than 20 days depending on factors such as peak processing periods in a particular location.

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