Visitor Visa – What is the Must Not Arrive After date?

Each Visitor Visa will have a “Must Not Arrive After” date.

Some people think this is the Visa Expiry Date, especially when they check it on VEVO, and do not see a visa expiry date, just the “Must Not Arrive After” date, which they assume is the expiry date.

A Visa Expiry Date will not not be made clear on VEVO, or the visa grant notice, until after the visa holder has entered Australia.

The Visa Expiry Date depends on when the holder actually enters Australia.

For example, using a visa holder with the following details:
Visa Grant Date: 31 July 2019
Must Not Arrive After: 31 July 2020
Stay Period: 12 month(s) from the date of each arrival
Travel Facility: Multiple

This visa holder could enter Australia on 15th August 2019, and the Visa Expiry Date would be 15th August 2020, (12 months after the date of entry).

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As the “Must Not Arrive After date” is [31 July 2020], and the “Travel Facility” is [Multiple], they can still come back into Australia before this date.

They could for example, re-enter Australia on 1st July 2020, and stay for another permitted 12 months stay, based on the “Stay Period” being [12 months from the date of each arrival] and the Visa Expiry Date would now be be 1st July 2021 (ie: 12 months after this date of entry).

The “Must Not Arrive After” date is fixed.  They cannot ARRIVE after : 31 July 2020, but they can STAY after that date if they arrive before it, and it does not exceed 12 months from date of last entry.

If the ‘Travel Facility‘ says ‘Single’, then only one entry will be permitted and the visa validity will expire at a date based on the ‘Stay Period‘ shown, OR the date of leaving Australia, if that is earlier.


Visa Grant Date: 1 March 2020
Must Not Arrive After: 31 August 2020
Stay Period: 3 month(s)
Travel Facility: Single

This allows a person to arrive at any date from 1 March, for a period ‘up to’ 3 months, but cannot arrive ‘after’ 31 August 2020.

They might arrive on 10th March, and must leave by 10th June (3 months later).

They might arrive on 10th August, and must leave by 10th November (3 months later).

They CANNOT arrive ‘after’ 31 August 2020.

They cannot stay ‘longer’ than 3 months.

They can stay ‘past’ the “Must Not Arrive After date of: 31 August 2020”.

They ‘cannot’ make a 2nd entry on a single entry visa, even if the 3 months wasn’t used in full. eg:

They might arrive on 10th March, and leave after 2 days on 12th March 2020.  That ‘single entry‘ visa expires on leaving, and cannot be used again.


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