Western Australia and their Closed Borders

Western Australia has gone 146 days now with no community transmission cases.

Western Australia Premier, Mark McGowan, has made the following statements:

Forecasts show Western Australia has the most positive economic outlook of all states.

We are the state going forward most quickly.

For 2019-20, Western Australia has the only state where our domestic economy grew by 1.1%. All other jurisdictions shrunk.

This shows the positive direction WA was heading in before COVID. But it also shows that we avoided the worst of COVID and that states with closed borders fared significantly better than those with open borders.

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The Western Australian model (Closed Borders) has worked at this point in time.
Lives and jobs have been saved at same time.
That’s a great outcome for our state.

The Prime Minister has announced a new model for National Cabinet which I support.
Not everyone needs to agree on everything for some states to make changes. That’s fair enough.
I made it clear that Western Australia will NOT be agreeing to a hotspot model or a hotspot definition.

Opening and closing borders just causes more confusion and it isn’t a good outcome for the state’s economy.

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