Australian Student Visa Processing Times October 2019

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Student visa (subclass 500) Processing Times October 2019.

The Australian Student visa (subclass 500) has a few different streams, and each stream has different average processing times.

Processing times can be a very individual thing, with some some causes for delay being down to security checks and validating other information in the application.  Some applications are poorly completed and cause further delays.

Some are easy to process, and can be finalised quickly.

subclass 500 Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector.

  • 75% were completed within 12 days
  • 10% took over 24 days

subclass 500 Postgraduate Research Sector.

  • 75% were completed within 63 days
  • 10% took over 5 months

subclass 500 Independent ELICOS Sector.

  • 75% were completed within 27 days
  • 10% took over 42 days

subclass 500 Schools Sector.

  • 75% were completed within 61 days
  • 10% took over 4 months

subclass 500 Vocational Education and Training Sector.

  • 75% were completed within 45 days
  • 10% took over 73 days

subclass 500 Higher Education Sector.

  • 75% were completed within 40 days
  • 10% took over 54 days

subclass 500 Non-Award Sector.

  • 75% were completed within 4 days
  • 10% took over 13 days

Last updated: 20 November 2019, for applications finalised in October 2019.


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Google ara-61
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