Food Prices in Australia 2019

Some examples of Food Prices in Australia in 2019.

It is easy to check the supermarket prices, and most of us get their special catalogues each week, delivered to our letterboxes.

But how do the smaller shops go with their prices.

Local Vegetable shop:

$4.99 kg Chokos
$3.99 500gm Fresh Garlic
$28.99 kg Australian Garlic
$0.50 Half a Rockmelon
$8.99 kg Red Banana Chillies


$2.39 2 Litres Milk
$0.99 250 gms Fresh Strawberries
$2.99 kg Cavendish Bananas
$3.19 dozen Cage Eggs

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Local Butcher

$10.99 kg Whole Eye Fillet
$9.99 kg Legs of Lamb
$9.99 kg Whole Rump steak
$7.99 kg BBQ Pork Chops


Butcher Prices 4th Sept 2019

You need to check your local area to see what options are available.

But, if price is no object, then you can also order food packages, ready to cook, from places such as:

HelloFresh, an international meal-kit company based in Germany, with operations also in Australia.

Gourmet Meals, a Gold Coast based company that manufactures and delivers individually portion-controlled frozen meals all over the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, Ipswich, and outer Brisbane suburbs right up to Caboolture.

and others..


Feel free to add any of your local prices too…

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